B Inspired

  • Welcome to the B Inspired Early Years Physical Development Training

    B Inspired provides training, support tools and resources to help teachers and early years practitioners deliver quality physical activities and PE lessons for young children’s development and attainment.

    The training courses have been developed and written by Tania Swift, an award-winning author, trainer and consultant, who has now trained over 1600 teachers and early years practitioners.

    You can try our FREE Introductory Session to give you a taste of the full training course. Once you have completed the free session you will have no obligation to continue to the full training.

    Once you have signed up you can select the Free Introductory Training Session or the Full Training Course.

    The current available courses

    Birth to 3 years

    4 years to 7 years

    Combo Online & In-person Course

    The courses are divided into short modules to allow you to develop your knowledge and skills in your own time.

    The training covers:

    • Introduction
    • Benefits of Physical Activity
    • Physical Literacy
    • Brain Development
    • How and When
    • Working with Parents
    • Early Years Skills
    • Fundamental Movement Skills
    • Children are Individuals
    • Sedentary Behaviour
    • Enabling and Active Learning Environment
    • Pre-Walkers (Babies)
    • Balance
    • Co-ordination
    • Spatial Awareness
    • Agility
    • Differentiation and Progression
    • Planning PE Lessons and Activity Sessions
    • Weekly Physical Development
    • Fine Motor Development – The Basics
    • Including All - Special Educational and Physical Need
    • Risk Taking and Risky Play